wheatgrass benefits

Wheatgrass benefits

Wheatgrass refers the young green shoots of the wheat plant. From a health point of view there can be considerable wheatgrass benefits. This is the same wheat plant that is responsible for producing the wheat grain that is used to make bread. Usually wheat is grown as a mass crop on farms and it is left to grow from the seeds that are planted until it flowers and then produces the ears of grain that we are so familiar with. This grain is then harvested and used to make flour. The rest of the plant, which by this stage is very brown and dry, is simply used as bedding for animals in the form of hay.

What is not particularly well known is that, way before the grain has formed; the young shoots of wheat grass are so green and tender that they can be eaten. You can eat them like the green leaves of a salad and in fact this is exactly what some people do. They take the shoots and add them to their normal green salad. These shoots contain valuable health giving nutrients including antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. It also contains an unidentified factor which is believed to have very strong health giving properties. These Wheatgrass benefits are being recognised by more and more people across the world.

Wheat grass has been identified as being helpful for people having certain conditions. These health conditions include those relating to the skin, cancer, diabetes, anaemia and arthritis. People who eat wheat grass have found many health benefits. These wheatgrass benefits can also help people who have gastric problems, athlete’s foot fungal infections or are trying to lose weight. Most grain crops including rye and barley can be consumed as grass in a similar way and each has similar health benefits. However, wheatgrass itself seems to have the most active ingredients in the greatest proportions out of all the grass crops.

Wheatgrass benefits from grain
The wheat grain is used to grow the young wheatgrass sprouts

A lot of people have become so interested in wheatgrass as a dietary supplement that they will grow the wheatgrass from seed grain in small planter trays. Once the seedlings have grown into tender grass they harvest the wheatgrass and consume it. For some, this way of eating it seems to be wasteful because our digestive systems aren’t designed to extract the nutrients from grass in this form. In order to get the maximum amount of goodness out of the wheatgrass they juice it and consume it as a drink. This has become very popular amongst health enthusiasts. In fact you can even buy wheatgrass from some juice bars. There are also dried and powdered forms of wheatgrass juice as well as convenient wheatgrass capsules that you can buy. If you are interested in finding out more about wheatgrass and the health benefits that it can give than go to Growing wheatgrass

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